The most hilarious spam ever!

Somebody pretending to be "marian.. <hills..@emailId>" writes:

Once upon a time, a blonde became so sick of hearing blonde jokes that she had her hair cut and dyed brown. A few days later, as she was out driving around the countryside, she stopped her car to

>Rest of the Joke ..

Good day.
>First of all, sorry for inconvenience. I have decided to put one of the best jokes to each of my advertising messages. I promise you to choose one of the best jokes each day, hope it would decrease your irritation of my messages.
And, of course, 🙂 I need to offer you some goods. I always take only the best offers for my audience, usually I test it by myself. 100% quality, low prices, fast delivery. I hope, this joke about the blonde was new and funny for you. Today i want to offer you absolutely new xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Patch.
>http://Some URL/
>Click on this link to keep up my beginning of making spam not so boring thing.

Have a nice day.

Thats new! No wonder the spam filters didn't catch it.


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