FOSS.IN 2006@IISc Bangalore

Last year I could just read Jonathan Corbet’s report on FOSS.IN 2005:

On the last day of the conference, your editor delivered a brutally technical kernel programming talk to a crowd which nearly filled the 750-seat “Intel Hall.” That is several times the number of people which normally turn up for that sort of session. These people were not just filling the seats; they asked no end of detailed questions during the session and after as well. Alan Cox’s technical device driver talk drew an even larger crowd. An immediate conclusion which might be drawn is that Bangalore contains hundreds of programmers who are interested in – and capable of – hacking on the kernel.

If that does not set the stage, I wonder what will. Now that I am living in Bangalore, I am looking forward to the privilege of attending the event this year. Further, I am excited about the opportunity to interact with some DDs and see if I could start my NM process again.

Go ahead – register now and make sure you get one Almighty FIM. The list of talks is impressive too! See you there.


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