Certainities in life – death, taxes,

collapse of the best of batting lineups in the Indian cricket team and impurities in food.

After all, what can you do if an unexpected dead insect, even though tiny and very immobile, shows up in a packaged food item that you intended to be your dinner? After the first wave of disgust and irritation for having to plan something else for your immediate nutrition needs, there isn’t much you can do but reconcile yourself to this fact of life – expect a level of impurity in the processed food. As asked and detailed in Food Product Design: What is Pure?

Think of the words synonymous with pure: immaculate, pristine, unsoiled. These comforting terms bring to mind images that are homogeneous, undiluted, unadulterated, free from defects of any kind — and, in the context of raw ingredients, virtually impossible to achieve

Personally, a certain instant pasta product from one of the largest food processing companies in India is off my shopping list.